Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist


The unmade bed. The dirty socks on the floor. Another poster of that bizarre singer. Does it smell like tobacco? The room looks really messy and made; you perceive a stench of tobacco.

Yes, welcome; it is the teenage room, a haven for them and a chronic headache for many parents who haven’t enforced the teenager bedroom cleaning checklist.

Don’t get it wrong. Teenagers need to have a room of their own to start feeling their way to independence. As much as it’s essential to allow them a taste of maturity, they can also test how they feel alone in their space before leaving home.

That is why it must be to your liking. It is a space of freedom but also a den. A place to weather the storm at a time of many physical, psychological, and social changes.

Is It Normal for A Teenager to Have a Messy Room?

If there’s one thing most parents with teenagers complain about, it’s the mess in their bedroom. They seem like an indivisible pack, in which it is difficult to put a little order and discipline.

The first interesting aspect is to know why being messy is one of the most frequent characteristics of adolescence.

Most of the psychological currents defend that it is a reflection of the adolescents’ personality, and it is that at this stage of life, chaos floods the lives of girls and boys. Even your own body is in constant transformation.

In fact, during periods when we are more disorganized, with more “problems” and crises in the head, probably also reflected in the order of our house, we do not usually pay as much attention as we normally would.

There is yet another reason; they are short on time. The lives of these young ones changed with the arrival of adolescence: being in a group that’s obsessed with infatuations, the frequent change happening with cumbersome school, homework, and other stuff. This teenager is clouded with many anxieties and cannot establish priorities in which the arrangement and cleaning of their room are last on the list.

A Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning

  1. Make the bed: To sleep in a healthy bedroom, don’t forget to ventilate your room and vacuum regularly, including the mattress. Shake the sheets out the window every day.
  2. Tidy up – Put dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket: Clean up in 6 minutes.

Weekly Cleaning (Clean your room in 30 minutes)

1. Make the bed (5 minutes): The best way to make a teen bedroom look clean again is to make the bed properly. Tap and reposition the pillows. Remove the comforter and flatten it. If you have sheets and a blanket, do the same. When you have more time, remember to ventilate your bedding well: an essential gesture to renew regularly.

2. Tidy up (6 minutes): Tidying up your room efficiently is a thousand times easier if you make a game of it.

How to tidy up your room to find your way around daily?

Start by assigning a location to each of your items. Our ideal bedroom storage idea can be summed up in 4 main locations:

  • The clothes go in the wardrobe or the dresser
  • Waste goes into the trash
  • Books and notebooks go on the shelf
  • Pens and pencils go in pencil holders

If you are unsure of the location of a particular object, you can always ask your parents or siblings for help. Be creative! Empty Tissue Boxes are ideal for storing toys and all your small items, from jewelry to small collections such as seashells or coins. Don’t hesitate to label them to find out what’s inside.

3. Clean windows and mirrors (5 minutes)

You will feel better in a room flooded with light. Wipe a rag soaked in window cleaner on your bedroom window, the mirrors, and the windows frames. If you run out of product, know that newspaper does a great job on lightly soiled tiles.

4. Dust (6 minutes)

Using an anti-static duster or a microfiber cloth, dust dressers, desks, and nightstands. Throw away the old magazines or handkerchiefs that litter it. Don’t forget the lamp bulb. As a reminder, a bulb is 25% brighter when cleaned.

5. Vacuuming (8 minutes)

Save the best for last! To do after the dust, suck up all the dust you removed. Move the vacuum around the room, not to mention under the bed or other furniture.

Teenage Bedroom Cleaning: Deep Cleaning (Cleaning up properly, maybe once or twice a month)

Tidying up your room is good, but cleaning it from top to bottom is even better. At least once a quarter, you have to take your courage in both hands and go to every nook and cranny of this room to make it exemplarily clean.

  1. Take everything out of the cupboards

You have to clean everything so you can’t leave your things in cupboards or drawers. If you have more space, we advise you to take everything out and put them in another room, either in the living room or in the kitchen.

  1. The Bed

Now is the time to take care of the bed. Remove the sheets and wash them. This also applies to pillowcases, blankets, and quilts. We do not let anything pass; everything goes in the washing machine!

  1. Lift your mattress

Raise your mattress and, even, if possible, move it to clean under the bed and let the mattress take in the air. It is an ideal and inexpensive solution to get rid of foul odors.

  1. Vacuum your mattress

And yes, the vacuum cleaner also has a role to play in your closet. Even though it’s small like the one in the photo, go for it. This is a great solution to properly cleaning your room.

  1. Furniture

Now is the time to clean your closet and drawers and all the other furniture in your room. It is essential to clean them all well; otherwise, there may be dust left, and it will spoil your efforts. So, take your time. Use rags, wipes, and even cotton swabs if necessary to get in the nooks and crannies.

  1. Your mirrors

Mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful! If you want it to respond, you have to take care of it. Of course, this means avoiding breaking it and, above all, cleaning it. And it’s the same for your windows. Either you have a special cleaning product that’s perfect, or you can use dish soap. Put some in hot enough water. With a sponge, clean the glass surface by making large horizontal movements, not leaving any separation between the lines. Then with a dry cloth, clean in the same way. And now, voila!

  1. Curtains and Blinds

Yes, you have to think about it too. The best solution for your curtains is really to machine wash them. So don’t make it difficult for yourself; take them out and put them straight into your washing machine. Often, they offer special programs for curtains elsewhere. If you have blinds, you will have to clean them by hand. A sponge, washing-up liquid, and water are sufficient; the elbow grease will make the difference.

  1. It’s time to make the bed again

That’s it; the end is approaching, soon, you will be taking a nap. But first, you have to redo your bed. You can also take the opportunity to move it if you want to improve your home slightly. Then put the mattress back in place, add sheets, duvet, blanket, pillows, and pillowcases.

Teenager Bedroom Cleaning Guide

It’s a good idea to read the steps below after printing the weekly room cleaning checklist at the end of this article. That way, you will understand the steps involved. Doing them in order will help you clean efficiently and faster than ever.

As aforesaid, teenagers put their rooms last when it comes to cleaning. They’ll come there doing homework, maybe helping parents tidy other parts of the house and doing other things, but their rooms often rank low on the priority list.

That’s a shame, too, as having a clean room increases personal happiness. A clean room is an antidote for a decent night’s sleep; something teenagers never seem to get enough of. So, don’t put your bedroom last, put it first!

Teenage Bedroom Cleaning: What To Do Before You Start?

Tools and supplies to gather before you start cleaning:

  • A vacuum
  • An old pillowcase
  • Window cleaner and washing cloths
  • Dust control products of your choice (such as a mild all-purpose cleaner and an old washcloth)
  • A brush

Teenage Bedroom Cleaning: Clean Your Room in This Order

teenage bedroom cleaning

  1. Declutter And Collect

First, take out the things that don’t belong in the bedroom. Throw dirty laundry into baskets and put away any clothes you may have tried on and left out. As much as possible, clean your surfaces of objects that do not fit there.

  1. Take an old pillowcase and dust the ceiling

It’s important to keep your dirty sheets on your bed to catch dust and falling cobwebs!

  1. Remove the cobwebs

Sweep the broom around the corners of your ceiling to dust off cobwebs.

  1. Start the laundry

Remove the duvet, sheets, and cover from your bed and put the dirty laundry in the washing machine.

  1. Dust all surfaces

Pay special attention to the nightstand and dresser tops. Don’t just wipe off the dust; use a damp cloth to brush off the dust well and keep it from resettling. Don’t forget the top of the mirrors, artwork, and bedroom accessories.

  1. Wipe windows and mirrors with glass cleaner

We recommend that you wash with a simple solution of dishwashing liquid and hot water, but avoid creating too much soap as the soap will leave more marks if it dries up.

  1. Vacuum to avoid bed bugs

Vacuum carpets and rugs often, at least once a week. If you think you have been in contact with bedbugs, vacuum regularly until they are gone.

Carefully dispose of the contents in a plastic bag that you can seal, then immediately throw them in the garbage cans outside your bedroom.

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