Oil Bath Air Cleaner Maintenance

The Oil Bath Air Filter Cleaner Structure

The oil bath air filter is divided into upper and lower shells (the shell has air inlet and outlet ports). The upper shell has a filter screen wrapped with wire and other parts. The lower shell is an oil pool, and there is an oil pool in the lower shell. Quantitative engine oil, as shown in the figure below.

How does an oil bath air cleaner work?

The rapidly rotating airwave brings up the oil and uses the viscosity of the oil to absorb dust and impurities in the air. While the oil particles produced by the oil will be absorbed and intercepted by the steel wire filter element. The impurities in the air are effectively removed to achieve the filtering effect.

The filtration process is when the air containing impurities passes through the oil basin so that the impurities in the air come into contact with the oil and attach it to the oil film. Then the air passes through the metal wire filter layer so that the impurities wrapped in the oil film adhere to the metal wire to reach the first level of air filtration.

In principle, a single-stage oil-bath air filter cannot be used to filter the intake air. The more common structure is combined with a dry paper air filter element to form a secondary filter. After the oil bath filter element is filtered, the hollow paper air filter element is finely filtered and then enters the diesel engine cylinder.

How to Maintain Oil Bath Cleaner Filter?

Surely, the air filter in the oil bath requires maintenance regularly. We summarize the following steps to help you clean and maintain oil bath filter cleaner never easier.

The new car may not be filled with oil before leaving the factory, so please check carefully before using it.

It is necessary to add oil when using it for the first time. The type of oil to be filled is the same as that of the diesel engine. When filling engine oil, the oil depth should not exceed the specified marking line (If there is no marking line, the filling depth should not exceed 30mm). If it is filled, it may cause oil dripping at the outlet of the exhaust pipe.

When the engine oil pan is shaken and the oil does not flow easily, the filter element should be cleaned and the oil should be replaced.

In particularly harsh conditions, it must be checked daily. Under normal circumstances, the oil can be used continuously for 80 -150 hours. The filter can be used for a long time and does not need to be replaced.

Before starting the diesel engine for the first time every day, check whether the connecting bolts or hooks between the shell and the oil basin are loose and fastened.

An Oil Bather Filter Cleaner Disassembly, Inspection, and Cleaning

  1. Stop for more than 10 minutes to allow the oil in the air filter to fully flow down and accumulate in the oil basin;
  2. Loosen the clamp 2 on the shell, remove the oil basin 3 and the filter 4, taking care not to damage the gasket 5;
  3. Pour out dirty engine oil and sludge and clean the oil bowl;
  4. Put the filter element into diesel oil for cleaning and drip dry;
  5. If the shell is very dirty, clean it together;
  6. Check the gaskets 5 and 6, and replace them if necessary;
  7. Put the same oil as the diesel engine in the oil basin to the scale indicated by the arrow;
  8. Reversely install related parts, fasten the clamp and tighten the related bolts.

Bonus Tips

When using an oil-bath air filter, make sure to maintain the specified oil level to prevent oil loss during work. Generally, there is no need to add oil during the second maintenance, unless the oil is sucked into the engine.

The oil-bath air filter is very sensitive to inclination. The installation inclination angle of the air filter after maintenance should be less than 30°. If the inclination angle is too large, it may reduce the filtration efficiency and even cause the oil to be sucked into the engine. Compared with dry air filters, oil bath air filters are more frequently maintained.

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