How to Prevent Gold Plated Jewelry from Fading and Tarnishing

Real gold is valuable and very charming. Fine gold jewelry is a great piece of jewelry complement to enhance the wearers’ overall style on many occasions. However, the “real” gold is certainly an expensive piece and not the common ones that can be afforded by the majority. To satisfy the increasing demand for gold jewelry, the market presents the gold plated costume jewelry made with much cheaper replacement. The question now is if this gold plated jewelry will get color fading or tarnishing in long run?

Does Gold Plated Jewelry Fade and Tarnish?

Your jewelry is not completely made of gold but has a golden layer over it. However, there is a good chance that this layer will get tarnished and color fading over time and your jewelry will look worse and worse. If you wear gold plated jewelry, one problem is how to stop them from color fading and tarnishing so as to enjoy the golden sparkling for as long as possible? Surely, there are many tips and tricks that we are going to share in the following paragraphs.

How long will my gold plated jewelry stay beautiful?

This has to do with the thickness of the gold layer. The thickness is indicated by a number of microns. The thicker the layer, the less quickly it will wear out. For example, we use 2 microns. In addition, the speed of the discoloration also depends on the PH value of your skin. PH means the acidity of your skin. Some people have a certain skin acidity that jewelry can’t withstand for long. Therefore, their gold plated jewelry tend to get fading and tarnished quickly.

Water and Color Fading

Some gold plated jewelry can withstand water, as long as it does not contain any chemical additives. In the shower, it doesn’t hurt to wear your jewelry as long as you don’t use shampoo, etc. It is not possible to wear your plated jewelry in the sea or in the pool. The chlorine and salt can cause your jewelry to break and/or discolor. Do not let your jewelry come into contact with body lotion, perfume, etc.

Color Tarnish

The gold plated surface takes on a brown/black color from light and air. This process is called oxidation or tarnish. This means that the shine of gold becomes slightly duller and you can’t prevent it. However, if you take the proper action, you can fix the tarnishing quickly and easily.

How to Keep Gold Plated Jewelry from Fading and Tarnishing?

Although Keeping gold plated jewelry beautiful is a difficult task, but it is certainly not impossible. We have collected some good tips that jewelry owners can refer to while caring for and cleaning their gold plated jewelry at home.

Rings are the Hardest

Gold plated rings are the most difficult to keep beautiful for a long time. That’s because you do everything with your hands. You wash them (hopefully) several times a day, you grab everything with them, and so on. In any case, rings are more likely to come into contact with dirt or moisture from the outside than a necklace or earrings. Good to know, but we understand that you want to keep wearing those gold plated rings. If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.

Don’t Shower and Sleep

Okay, let’s be honest: I’m also very guilty of this. Especially when your ear is full of small earrings (which are also a disaster to put in), you are soon too lazy to take off all your jewelry. Especially when you just want to take a short shower. It is really much wiser for you to take all your jewelry off before you take a shower. It is also better not to wear your jewelry while sleeping, especially when you are a restless sleeper. They are very easy to damage.


Jewelry does not tolerate moisture well. So be careful with day creams or hand creams that can come into contact with your rings or necklaces. Perfume can also ensure that your jewelry does not stay beautiful for as long, just like sweat. That is why it is important that you also take off your jewelry during sports because sweat can also damage the gold. So take them off for a sauna visit and of course in the heavy rain.

Other Solutions

If you take some additional cares you will reduce the chance of getting the gold plated jewelry discolored or tarnished. An easy trick to applying an extra protective layer is to paint your jewelry with transparent nail polish. Is it really too late to keep gold plated jewelry from ugly color fading and tarnishing occurring? Not really until you try these tips. You can also try washing your jewelry in lukewarm soapy water with green soap, and then brush it with a soft toothbrush. You will continue to enjoy all that golden bling for a long time to come.


We have shared some key points while keeping your gold plated jewelry from tarnishing and discoloration. As you can see, you should definitely prevent them from contact with water. If you wash hands, dishes, or take a shower, you should also take off your jewelry.

Do not clean your gold plated jewelry if you have no knowledge, bleach will not restore them and other cleaning detergents will possibly damage them.

You had better avoid wearing your jewelry while doing exercises, body sweating can corrode them.

Do not take them to the beach as the sand is an abrasive that will tarnish them. The swimming pool is also a place to be avoided because of the chlorine in the water.

Jewels don’t like oils, creams, and perfumes that you love to use in the morning in the bathroom.

Last but not the least, do not forget to take off your jewelry at the end of the day and don’t sleep with them. They could be damaged, tarnished by the friction of the pillow, and become turned.

You can store your gold plated jewelry in a jewelry box where they will be preserved from the light and air exposure.

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