How to Polish Jewelry Like a Professional Jeweler?

When you buy new jewelry, you certainly want to wear and enjoy them as long as possible. However, if you wear them a lot and enjoy its sparkling charm so much, your valulabe jewelry also tend to get discolored and dirty soon. In this situation, you don’t worry too much. There are a number of simple and easy solutions to make your jewelry resume its brillance and shine as before. In this article, we will introduce the methods and steps that you can apply to polish and clean the various types of jewelry pieces.

  • Cleaning and polishing gold jewelry;
  • Silver jewelry polishing;
  • Diamond jewelry Cleaning;
  • Steel jewelry Cleaning;
  • Plated jewelry

How to Clean and Polish Gold Jewelry

The great advantage of gold jewelry is the high quality of the material. As a result, it is actually not possible for your gold jewelry to discolour, but they can look a bit dull over time. Fortunately, it is very easy to give your gold jewelry shine again, by using the special cleaning fluid for gold jewelry. You can place the discolored gold jewelry in the dipping basket in the cleaning fluid. You can then let this work for a few minutes and let the jewelry shine again with a polishing cloth.

How to Polish Silver Jewelry

In fact, the same applies to silver jewelry as to all other materials: if you wear the product regularly, it could happen that the jewel turns green or black. There is also a very simple solution for this: With some cleaning fluid and a cleaning cloth you can bring back the shine.

The most silver jewelry is rhodium-plated nowadays. This means that a jewel has been processed with rhodium plating. This layer ensures that jewelry continues to shine longer and does not get tarnished easily. The jewelry with rhodium plating can be easily polished with a polishing cloth. You do not need any special cleaning solution for this, but just rubbing your jewel with a cloth is enough to regain its shine.

How to Clean Polish Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is not likely to be damaged because diamond is the hardest natural gemstone on Earth. However, you might still want to take good care of diamond jewelry, so that they retain their brilliance as long as possible. Also pay attention to wearing different diamond jewelry, because if they scratch each other, it can cause damage. So if you want to store your diamond jewelry, do not put them loosely in a jewelry box. You are suggested to cover them with a soft cloth.

Would you like to make your diamond jewelry sparkling a bit more? Then you can soak the diamond jewel with lukewarm water and a small amount of ammonia, and then polish it lightly with a brush. Your valuable diamond should be resumed to the gorgeous quickly.

How to Polish Clean Steel Jewelry

No special polish detergents are required to polish steel jewelry. You can easily clean them with a solution of green soap and lukewarm water. Please note that the soap must not contain chlorine.

The big advantage of steel jewelery is that the jewelry will not get discolored and tarnished (how to stop plated-jewelry tarnish). However, you can make your steel jewelry shine a little more by polishing.

How to Polish Clean Plated Jewelry

In short, plating means a jewelry making technique that a thin layer of molten material (for example gold, silver or rose gold) is applied over the jewel. Plated jewelry can be kept clean very easily by combining lukewarm water with a good jewelry cleaner. You can also easily clean the plated jewel with a cleaning cloth, if you see discoloration or minor damage.

The great advantage of plated jewelry is that you can find many variations in jewelry at a nice price. In short, with just a cleaning cloth, you can make plated jewelry restore its brillance once again.

What Cleaner Shoud I Use to Polish Clean Jewelry?

There are many different types of jewelry cleaners on the market nowadays, like jewelry steam cleaner and ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Many models out of  those jewelry cleaners do integrate both cleaning and polishing functions.

Just bear this in mind that you should choose the proper jewelry cleaners according to the jewelry types,  saying what materials they are made from. From diamonds to gemstones, gold, platinum, and silver, there are always most suitable jewelry cleaners that produce the best result.

In short, do not worry if your jewelry has lost its shine after long wearing. With the tips shared above, you will have your jewelry shiny and attractive again in no time.

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