How to Clean your Razer Keyboard

Regular cleaning the Razer keyboard will not only make your Razer keyboard more usable but also perform better. However, if you are lack knowledge of how to properly cleaning, your keyboard might be getting crashed. There are many methods of how to clean keyboards online. You can do research to find the tailored cleaning way for your own needs. However, if you still don’t know how to clean it, you might take a look at these three coups that we share today.

Best Way to Clean a Razer Keyboard

There are many razer keyboard models, e.g Cynosa, blade, deathstalker, Anasi, Lycosa and Ornata etc. No matter what razer keywords you use, the following cleaning methods can nicely apply to the cleaning process. You make small steps to test if the method will produce a positive result on your keyword, then spread across the overall keys and keywords cleaning, if you are not 100% certain.

Thorough cleaning

Thorough cleaning is to disassemble the keyboard and clean the interior completely. It is not recommended for novice friends. So disassembling and thoroughly cleaning the keyboard is technical work. Improper operation can easily cause the keyboard to be broken. In addition, the waterproof keyboard can be directly washed in water.

Using keyboard cleaning soft glue

The keyboard cleaning soft glue can clean up the dust and bacteria in the gaps in the keyboard. The operation method of keyboard cleaning soft glue to clean the keyboard is very simple, which is to apply the “keyboard cleaning soft glue” to the keyboard and then slowly Tear it off. Remember to be careful in the process of slowly tearing it off, otherwise, it will be troublesome if the keyboard cleaning soft glue stays in the gap. After tearing it off, you can see the keyboard pits and dust.

Use alcohol to disinfect

You can use a cleaning cotton swab to get alcohol to remove the dirt and bacteria inside the keyboard gap. This is a good way for people who are particularly obsessed with cleanliness.

How to Clean Razer Keyboard Keys

Of course, cleaning the keyboard is not our ultimate goal. Our cemetery is to make the keyboard cleaner. Here are a few tips that can help you clean and maintain the Razer keyboard.

Firstly, eating on the table can be forgiven, but you must stay away from the keyboard. Don’t sleep on the keyboard, which not only affects the profile but also your dandruff will fall in easily.

Secondly, don’t abuse the keyboard.

Don’t vent your personal emotions on the keyboard. The most common is to slap the keyboard hard when it crashes. On the one hand, it will reduce the service life of the keyboard. On the other hand, it will slap your sweat and dander on the keyboard.

Finally, if you need to replace the keyboard or keycap, it is best to ask a professional for assistance first. That is a smart idea especially if you have no much experience on the keyboard upgrade.

Final Bonus

The Razer Blackwidow keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that is loved by many gamers. The cleaning procedure of the mechanical keyboard is similar to that of the membrane keyboard, but requires more care as the mechanical keyboard is not waterproof. The support rods of the keys, such as the space of the mechanical keyboard, may adopt a different structure. You need to pay attention to it when disassembling.

After cleaning the keycaps, you need to wait for them to dry completely. Don’t rush to connect the power even if the keyboard is still wet inside. There are also many other cleaning methods for Razer mechanical keyboards. We will update this article as soon as I test the new method effectively cleaning Razer keyboards.


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