How to Clean Dining Kitchen Chair Cushions

When winter is coming close, you will feel a little bit cold while you are sitting in a wooden chair. Wooden chair cushions are definitely needed to warm up your body. There are many wooden chair cushions for home living, mainly including plush, weaving, cloth, etc. Do you know what types of dining chair cushions are relatively warm? What materials of the dining chair cushion can deliver the most comfortable warm? We should know this as different materials chair cushions require different cleaning methods. In this article, we will share with you some unique tips on how to clean the dining chair cushions more effectively.

How to Classify the Chair Cushions?

We here will categorize the chair cushions according to the materials made. One of the best dining chair cushions is the plush cushion. You will feel very soft and comfortable with the plush chair cushion, especially in northern cold cities. You are not afraid of cold with the plush chair cushions in cold weather.

Wool Chair Cushions

Another great chair cushions are made from wool, one of the most comfortable, warm, beautiful, and fashionable cushions on the market. However, the wool chair cushions are more troublesome to clean at home. If you have no proper equipment or lack of knowledge of how to clean wool chair cushions, you are recommended to bring cushions to shop professionals for a paid dry cleaning.

DIY woven cushion is also not a bad choice. Because of the low cost and the various styles on the market, it has always been popular by the customers. These woven chair cushions can be easily customized to be compatible with the style and color of your room. It is one of the popular fashion elements to beautify your room on the market.



Gold velvet chair cushion is processed by cutting the pile method. It is the type of viscose silk made by the single-layer warp pile silk fabric interwoven with mulberry silk. The ground warp and weft use mulberry silk, and the velvet warp is shiny viscose silk. Golden velvet is a kind of high-grade silk fabric with a soft and elastic texture. It comes with soft color, and light, thick and dense pile which is slightly tilted. It is mainly used for women’s clothing, skirts, and dress trims, etc. It is soft and comfortable for chair cushions.


How to clean the dining chair cushion

The kitchen or dining room chair cushions tend to be easier to get oily dirty. Therefore, you have to wash and clean them more regularly than others. What is the best way to clean the dining room chair cushions? You can follow the following advice collected from the professionals.

Firstly, you can pat with a dry towel to remove floating dust, and then wipe the cloth surface with a wet towel. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, the dust removal effect will be better, but do not use a suction brush. A suction brush might be damaging the weaving thread on the textile cushion.

You should also avoid using extra suction to suck, otherwise, the weaving thread may be torn off. You can install a flat suction head on the vacuum cleaner, adjust the suction power to medium strength, and remove the dust in the crevices of the sofa.

When there are stains on the surface, use a clean cloth dipped in water or a sofa special cleaner to wipe from the outside to the inside until the stain is removed. It should be noted that the cleaning agent must be thoroughly washed away, otherwise, it will be more prone to dirt.

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