How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chair or bean bag sofa is also called lazy sofa and lazy bones, soft furnishing, bean bag, beanbag. As the name implies, it is a big bag, and the coat can be polyester cloth, pure cotton cloth, suede, plush, etc. The inner cover is made of non-woven fabric with good air permeability for the bean bag chair. The inner is filled with high-density polystyrene particles (also called styrofoam particles). Don’t underestimate this bean cloth bag. If you just sit on it, it will give you a warm hug. It is softer and more comfortable than ordinary furniture. You will feel so comfortable as soon as you sit down.

How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags come in a variety of materials made, including fabrics-cotton, vinyl, suede, khaki, and denim, etc. How to Clean depends on the texture of the bean bag fabric. Here are some tips for cleaning bean bags chairs.

Leather Bean Bag Chair Clean

If it is made of leather, you can use a special leather cleaner to clean it.

In some cases, you can also use baby wipes. Don’t forget to test on a small bean bag first to make sure it won’t cause any harm. For example, those bean bags are made of inner and outer lids. The outer cover is made of 90% cotton and is machine washable

The leather has a strong absorption capacity, so it should be protected against pollution. It is best to use leather softener once in spring and autumn. Do not rub vigorously when wiping the bean bag sofa to avoid damage to the epidermis.

If there are holes, breakages, or burns, please ask professionals to clean them.

The leather bean bag chair should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. It is not suitable to wipe or wash with water to avoid moisture, mildew, and insects.

Sewn Cloth Bean Bag Clean

If it is a sewn fixed cloth cover, the sofa cover cannot be removed and cleaned, it can only be cleaned by vacuuming. When there are slight stains, it is recommended to use a textile cleaner or wipe with a sponge. You should do vacuum cleaning at least once a week, and pay attention to remove the dust in the dead corners and fabric structures.

Some detachable ones are divided into two types: inner liner and no inner liner. For those with inner liner, you can remove the jacket directly for cleaning. It is relatively more troublesome if there is no inner liner. Each product should be equipped with a changeable bag, open the zipper to connect the changeable bag with the outer opening, then pour the filling into the changeable bag, and then clean the outer sleeve.

Avoid exposure to the sun when storing, and place it in a dry and ventilated place, and avoid close to high temperature and angular surfaces. The filling material is a plastic product, which is flammable and will be fatally damaged if the surface fabric is scratched by a sharp object.

You should also prevent sharp objects such as knives and keys from puncturing the fabric forcefully, causing damage to the sofa jacket.

If you find that the thread ends are loose, do not pull it off with your hands, and cut it neatly with scissors.

Some combustible items, such as cigarette butts from approaching the sofa chair, may easily cause burns on the sofa jacket.

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