Gemoro Jewelry Steam Cleaner Brilliant Spa Reviewed

If you’re looking for a top of the line jewelry steam cleaner, look no further. The Gemoro Brilliant Spa Jewelry Jet Steam Cleaner works better than most pressurized jewelry cleaners and is easy and safe to use. Whether you’re looking to clean your gold rings or diamond earrings, the Gemoro Brilliant spa personal cleaner is the ideal choice. It is small enough to store nicely in your closet but large enough to handle any jewelry steam cleaning job.

Some people are afraid to use a steam cleaner on their precious jewelry and gems. The good news is that the Gemoro brilliant spa pro is safe to use on all of your jewelry, even colored gems, and diamonds. It blasts away even the tiniest pieces of dirt and filth from both your everyday jewelry and special occasion pieces. The 1-pint tank is large enough to clean all of your personal jewelry but small enough for easy handling and storage. Read on to find out the features of the Gemoro Jewelry Steam Cleaner.

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What Kinds of Jewelry Does the Gemoro Brilliant Spa Clean?

Some people think that only simple pieces of gold or silver can be cleaned using a personal ultrasonic steam cleaner. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With the Gemoro black diamond brilliant spa, you can clean any type of jewelry. Whether you’re looking to clean and shine your precious gems or a platinum pendant, you can do it using the Gemoro personal steam cleaner.

This cleaner is ideal to use to clean diamonds and even colored gems. Of course, it’s also perfect for cleaning gold, silver, and platinum. Any sort of jewelry can be cleaned in the Gemoro brilliant spa jewelry steam cleaner. You just want to follow the Gemoro brilliant spa instructions to make sure you clean your pieces properly. As long as you follow the instructions, your jewelry will stay safe and come out sparkling and clean.

Is the Gemoro Brilliant Strong Enough to Remove Dirt?

You may be asking yourself – can a personal steam cleaner really get my jewelry clean? The answer is yes. The Gemoro brilliant steam cleaner actually boasts 50 PSI of pressurized steam. This is enough power to get even the smallest pieces of dirt and debris off of your jewelry. You just put your piece of jewelry in the 1-pint tank, turn the button from off to on, and wait for the machine to work its magic.

The great thing about this cleaner is that it has the power and accuracy to get into all the nooks and crannies of any piece of jewelry you may need to clean. It comes equipped with jewelry tweezers as well so you can retrieve even the most delicate pieces from the cleaning basket. Set them aside to dry and it’ll be ready for an important night out. No matter the occasion, you can count on the Gemoro brilliant spa steam cleaner for jewelry to offer you shiny and sparkling pieces.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of dirt you’re trying to remove. The Gemoro personal steam cleaner will rid your jewelry of any dirt, grime, body oil and makeup. It will come out looking as good as new. Once the jewelry is clean, you can lay it down on the steam residue mat that comes included with the Gemoro Brilliant Spa Jewelry Spa Steam Cleaner.

Is the Gemoro Brilliant Personal Steam Cleaner Easy to Store?

While you’re not using your personal steam cleaner, it’s small enough to fit into your bathroom or bedroom closet. The cleaner is 9″ x 6.5″ x 11″ so it’s not going to be cumbersome or hard to store. If you choose to use it in your bathroom, it will fit nicely into your sink cupboard. If instead, you choose to use your personal steam jewelry cleaner in your bedroom or dressing room, it can easily be stored there for easy use.

The machine itself isn’t even as large as a coffee maker. The water cup is only 1-pint so it’s easily going to fit on your counter while you’re cleaning your jewelry. And when you’re ready to put it away, all of the accessories will fit perfectly in the water cup or jewelry basket. It comes with a set of jewelry tweezers, steam residue mat, water funnel and measuring cup. As long as you put it away nice and neat, it’ll be ready for your next cleaning.

Do You Have to Buy Expensive Cleaner Solution for Gemoro Machine?

One question a lot of people ask when they’re buying a jewelry jet steam cleaner is whether they need to buy expensive cleaning fluid. The answer is no. One of the great things about the Gemoro Brilliant Spa Steam Cleaner for Jewelry is that it works with ordinary tap water. It doesn’t cost you any additional money to buy the fluids to clean your jewelry. Whether you’re looking to clean diamonds or a gold chain, all you need is your Gemoro spa personal steam cleaner and a cup of tap water.

The reason you don’t need to buy separate jewelry cleaner is that the water operates with the pressurized steam. It shoots the water into all the crevices on your jewelry to make sure that all the filth and debris is removed. It doesn’t matter how intricate your piece of jewelry is – once you put it in the cup and let the steam cleaner do its thing, your piece will come out shiny and new. There is no need to buy expensive gold or silver polish. You don’t have to worry about buying a separate cleaning fluid. Your Gemoro Brilliant Spa Jewelry Steamer Cleaner does all the hard work for you.

How Do I Know if the Steam Cleaner is Ready to Use?

The designers of the Gemoro brilliant spa pro thought of everything when they made this personal jewelry cleaner. There’s an easy on/off button so you simply have to turn it on when you’re ready to use it. There are also two separate LED lights to help guide you through the cleaning process. One LED light is going to let you know when the machine is powered up. As soon as it’s lit, it means the cleaner is ready to use. There’s also a second, blue LED light that lets you keep an eye on your jewelry as it’s cleaned. Just review the instructions so you know exactly how to use the Gemoro brilliant spa.

When you’re all done with your jewelry, you just turn the steam cleaner to OFF. This way, you know it’s safe to store it and put it away until the next time you need to clean some jewelry. Some people like to clean all of their jewelry at one time. If this is the case, don’t turn it off until you’re satisfied that every piece is shiny and clean. If you’d rather use your Gemoro black diamond brilliant spa every now and then, that’s fine. Just turn it to on and wait for the LED light to indicate that the steam cleaner is ready to go.

How to Use the Gemoro Brilliant Spa

This personal jewelry steam cleaning machine is easy to use and easy to handle. Simply take out the cleaning basket. Use your jewelry tweezers to gently put your pieces of jewelry into the basket. Make sure your water cup is full. Then, just wait for the LED light to come and indicate that the cleaner is ready for use. Once the indicator light comes on, let the machine do its magic. The unit also lets you watch your jewelry under a blue LED light so you can it is cleaned before your very eyes.

Once the light goes off, indicating that your pieces are clean, open up the basket. Use the jewelry tweezers to retrieve your items from the basket. Place them on the steam residue mat that comes included with your Gemoro Brilliant Spa Jewels Jet Steam Cleaner. Wait for them to dry and then wear them as you normally would.

How Long Will My Gemoro Brilliant Spa Personal Jewelry Cleaner Last?

If you’re going to invest in a steam cleaner for your jewelry, you want to know it’s going to last. The great thing about the Gemoro personal jewelry steam cleaner is that it’s durable. It comes with a stainless-steel accent that can stand up against the test of time. And, as long as you take care of your cleaner, it’s going to take care of you for a long time to come.

The Gemoro Brilliant Personal Jewelry Spa Cleaner does come with a two (2) year limited warranty. If anything goes wrong with your cleaner, you may be able to order replacement parts at no charge. This way, you can feel confident that your personal Gemoro jewelry cleaner will be there for you all year long.

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