Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Bike Chain

Ultrasonic Cleaner is good for Bicycle Chains Cleaning

Cleaning your bicycle chain after a nice ride on your mountain bike or road bike can also be fun! You just went cycling and see that your chain is full of junk, leaves, sand and maybe even twigs. You can clean the chain with a chain cleaner or by hand, but you can of course also clean your chain deep into the pores without any mess. An ultrasonic chain cleaner cleans your bike chain requires no effort, in addition, you also reduce the chance of scratching or damaging your chain. These are all advantages for ultrasonic cleaning of your bicycle chain, which we would like to tell you more about in this article.

The ultrasonic cleaning of your bicycle sounds easy, right? Ultrasonic cleaning has many advantages, e.g the time saving, scratch-free, and the cleaning thoroughness. All these make ultrasonic cleaner very interesting. Ultrasonic cleaning of a bicycle chain does not only sounds easy, but it is indeed. It is an easy cleaning process and can be carried out by anyone at home. There are also points for attention when cleaning your bicycle chain, but these are not insurmountable, and it is especially important to check the material of your bicycle chain or the sprockets.

Which ultrasonic solution do we recommend?

It is important that you choose an ultrasonic fluid solution that does not conflict with the material of which your bicycle chain or sprocket set is made. A good ultrasonic cleaner combines with the right ultrasonic solution liquid that can produce a perfect result.

It is extremely important that you as a user have the right supplies. You know exactly in advance that you can best use an ultrasonic bicycle chain cleaner and cleaning detergent included. There are more than 1000 different ways in which you can clean a bike chain: with Teflon, toothbrush, benzene, or just soapy water. Ask yourself why you should choose an ultrasonic cleaner for bike chain cleaning?

First of all, we don’t agree with the use of Dasty in the ultrasonic bicycle chain cleaner. Not as recommended by manufacturers, this is certainly not the case. Using Dasty in an ultrasonic cleaner can corrode the tank and eventually wear it out.

What solution can be used? We recommend the use of Tickopur R33. Tickopur R33 is a universal cleaner with high grease-dissolving power and also removes the most common contamination. For cleaning a bicycle chain and/or sprockets, we recommend choosing an ultrasonic cleaner with heating, so that you can set the temperature between 50-55 degrees Celsius. The recommended dosage for Tickopur R33 and cleaning a bicycle chain is 3-5 percent, so 30ml ultrasonic liquid per liter of water.

How to Choose Ultrasonic Cleaner for Bike Parts Chain?

Always choose an ultrasonic bike chain cleaner with sufficient power, so that cleaning is actually done. A solution liquid should be ultrasonically suitable and developed for use in an ultrasonic cleaner. It prevents unnecessary damage to your ultrasonic tank. By choosing an ultrasonic bicycle chain cleaner with heating, you accelerate the effect of the chemical solution added. In addition, this also ensures that the fat is released better.

How to Clean Bike Parts and Chain with Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleaning the chain and sprockets always remains a wonderful discussion point in the cycling canteen.

Where one is busy with Teflon and a toothbrush, the other prefers the ‘chain cleaner’ with soap suds. There are 1000 and 1 different ways to clean your chain and sprockets, so don’t expect a conclusion below which is best!

Yet it is often fun and educational to read or discuss it. For example, it was once whispered to me that an ultrasonic cleaner is a devilishly handy device for cleaning things well! And so one was ordered on the world wide web. Many ultrasonic cleaners are very affordable but powerful enough to satisfy your bike parts cleaning. You should have an ultrasonic cleaner at home. In addition, it is useful to have the chain with a power link on your bicycle, because you will get it on and off simply and quickly.

You add lukewarm water to the ultrasonic cleaner and add a dash of degreaser to it. (but don’t you dare brush your bike with it, because it is not beneficial for the paint!). Chain it in, and after about 5 minutes it can be taken out again. Then you dry the chain well (compressor/cleaning cloth) and as far as cleaning is concerned, it is ready! If you now have the right tools, and if you are a bit handy, you can also put the cassette in the ultrasonic cleaner!

The beauty of cleaning in this way is that not only the outside of the chain is cleaned, but also the sand between the links is gone! When you start ‘wringing’ with the chain you will hear little to no creaking. (you still hear too much creaking, an extra round in the cleaner is no problem!) However, there is no oil left between the links, so make sure you lubricate the chain well after cleaning.

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