Best Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine

What is the Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning?

A truck mount carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that is generally mounted on the floor of a van or truck. The cleaning method is via extraction with hot water. The operator would park the truck or van near the house property, plug the suction hose and solution line hose into the machine, insert the hoses into the building, and close a carpet cleaning wall at the end of the hoses.

A truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine has a lot of suction power and can help remove most of the water from carpets. The opportunities are endless when you are done with all the best tools. You can provide your customers with a variety of services such as tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and high-pressure cleaning. Consider specializing in water damage repair, stain removal, and grout cleaning. Although carpet cleaning is best performed with truck-mounted machines, it also has the location restriction. If you serve a customer living in a multi-story building, a portable carpet cleaner will be better.

What are the Main Benefits of Using Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner?

Many carpet manufacturers recommend using a truck mount carpet cleaning machine because it has benefits for both customers and operators.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger method uses heat to naturally generate normal engine operation and in some cases vacuum pump system components. Typically, water is passed through a heat exchanger that consists of two separate parts. In one part, the heating process is conducted. In the second part, the heat comes through the water. The two parts have two different sides of soft surfaces in the heat exchanger. Therefore, heat is transferred from the “heat side” portion at a higher temperature to the “solution side” portion at a lower temperature.

There are two basic types of heat exchangers. One, called “shell and coil”, has fluid flowing through a coiled tube that is contained in a “shell” or container, through which heat is passed. The other, called “shell and tube”, contains a number of parallel tubes running from one end of the “shell” to the other. In the jacket and tube configuration, heat passes through the parallel tubes and water spreads through the jacket.

Power Saving

Traditionally, truck mount carpet cleaning machines have been more powerful than portable ones. Although recent changes in technology have allowed portable manufacturers to approach the power of truck mount carpet cleaning machines, truck mount machines are more powerful. They produce the cleaning power of an engine. The electric portables generate the cleaning performance of a socket in the customers’ homes.

The main benefit of a truck mount lies with the customer’s convenience. The truck mount cleaning doesn’t need to use the customer’s electricity or hot water. It means no expensive electric and gas bills would be mailed to you after the carpet cleaning company left your home.

Environment Friendly

The truck mount also has a waste tank fitted. The technician can take out the dirty water and don’t flush it away through the sink or toilet. The quick installation and easy use of the truck mount makes it very favorable among professional cleaners. Many truck mount cleaners’ manufacturers make environmental improvements such as LPG conversions or making changes to the machines using less gasoline or diesel making them more environmentally friendly.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner Accessories

The cleaning solution connects to the vacuum and solution hose. Cleaning accessories, such as upholstery tools for upholstery cleaning, and powerheads and rotary tools for carpet, can also be used to further increase productivity and improved results on certain types of carpet and dirty conditions. The fixings for the machine are also an important factor in delivering the correct amount of solution and also the extraction of the solution. A well-equipped operator often invests a great deal of the machine cost on accessories, in order to achieve optimal results.

hose reel can be screwed to the floor of the truck or van to store the suction system and hoses. Recently, electric rewinding reels have been introduced on faster hose storage.

An important water tank is often mounted on the floor of the truck or van. It stores freshwater, supplying water directly to the high-pressure pump or mixing tank. When such a water tank is installed, an on-demand feed pump is bolted to the main water tank, supplying water to the mixing tank or high-pressure pump.

Where space is limited, and freshwater tank cannot be mounted, the machine will still have its requirement tank, but will be supplied from an outside “garden” water tap through a separate supply hose reel. This, of course, requires the property to have an external cold water tap. It can be difficult to find on a number of commercial sites.

However, by running a range of different attachments, a faucet wrench (for faucets that have their handles removed to avoid unwanted water consumption), and enough hose on the reel, the cleaner will usually be able to handle this situation.

Final Touch

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of carpet cleaning companies use truck mounts because the cost is usually between $ 10,000 to $ 35,000 in US. Therefore, it is very beyond the budget reach of many small businesses and professionals. It is currently estimated that only 28% of professional carpet cleaners use truck mount carpet cleaning machines.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning by hot water extraction, which is the method of carpet cleaning employed by truck mount carpet cleaners. Typical small machines start at 16 hp (12 kW) and go up to 60 hp (45 kW). Van or truck-driven PTO (Power Takeoff) machines are available on the market.

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