Best Tips to Clean your Sneakers

Sneakers have been in fashion for a while. Wearers can combine them with either a sporty outfit or a more casual-chic style. It is extremely popular footwear among youngsters. However, there is always a problem most the wearers are concerned about, cleaning and maintenance. How do you make sure your sneakers look as good as new year after year? We will share some best tips for sneaker cleaning and care in this article.

Sneakers do not get dirty as quickly on sunny days as in rainy weather. However, someone could spill something on your shoes or stand on your toes. Your sneakers might quickly get dirty during a concert, festival, or holiday. So sneakers stains are not that abnormal, and you prefer to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain and clean your beloved sneakers nowadays.

Remove your laces from your sneakers

Removing the laces from sneakers is the priority for no matter what shoes you are going to clean. Not only can you clean your sneakers more easily this way, but you can also benefit from getting your laces in the wash. You should remove the worst dirt before you put it in a laundry bag in the washing machine. In this way, you can optimally preserve the color of your laces.

How to Clean Sneakers Depends on Materials

how to clean sneakers

Before you start cleaning sneakers, you must know what material they are made of. Most sneakers are made of leather, fabric, or synthetic material. Fabric is often easy to recognize, but how do you know whether your sneakers are made of leather or not?

Genuine leather is usually flexible and soft to the touch, while artificial leather is often stiff. In addition, leather has a pronounced odor, while artificial leather has a more chemical smell.

Once you know what material you are dealing with, you can apply the correct technique to clean your sneakers.

Fabric sneakers

Imagine stepping into an oil slick or spilling ketchup on your new sneakers (which can happen to anyone!). Then take a toothbrush or a small brush to easily handle everything. Afterward, use a shoe cleaner and rub with the brush on the sole and the dust. The grease stain will now disappear quickly.

Leather or Synthetic Sneakers

Leather can dry out and stiffen over time. Therefore, you can regularly polish your shoes with a cleaning cloth. When your shoes are completely clean and dry, coat them with the correct color of shoe polish (same color as your shoes or neutral color). The shoe polish nourishes the shoes so that they do not dry out and remain wonderfully supple.

Suede sneakers

Suede is a delicate material that requires separate treatment. First, brush the worst dirt off the shoes and ‘gum’ grease stains with suede gum. It is better if suede does not get wet at all, but if there are stubborn stains on it, you can mix a maintenance product with a little bit of lukewarm water. Dab a soft brush in here and make sure it doesn’t stay too wet. Brush your shoes evenly with this so that they dry without staining. Then pat the shoes dry with a microfiber cloth. By doing this with a rotating movement, the moisture will be pulled from the leather and the suede will look like new again.

Brush up

Because you want to have good access to everything during cleaning, it is smart to fill your sneakers with something first. For example, use kitchen paper for this. Avoid using old newspapers, because the ink can start to rub off on your shoes.

  • Wipe the worst dirt off the shoe and especially the sole of the shoe.
  • Then brush your sneakers with a shoe cleaner until you are satisfied, rinse with a little water.
  • Then let the sneakers dry.

By the way, do not do this in full sun, as this can cause your sneakers to shrink and discolor.

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