Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

Another busy day with several tire changes, inspections, or car repairs behind you? Do your hands often come into contact with a lot of dirt such as oils, paints, or other heavy soiling and sticky substances? The dirt can hardly be removed from your hands with standard soap? You definitely need skin protection for automotive mechatronics engineers. With proper skin protection products and skin cleaners, you get the solution to clean and care for your hands at the same time, but also gently.

Now the question comes up. Which hand washes cleaner should you choose? There are various manufacturers such as Liqui Moly and Caramba in different price ranges. We have now tested various hand cleaning sanitizers. So you can get a good overview of the advantages and disadvantages of individual products.

Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics Top Reviews 2020

These hand cleaners work pretty well for oily mechanic hands. We composed a brief review for each model. We aim to help users choose their favorite model without any hassle.

Teroson hand wash cleaner “VR 320” – low budget and effective

Teroson’s cleaner is one of the affordable products in this area and is supplied in an 8.5 kg bucket. This is particularly practical for frequent users since the quantity lasts quite a while and does not have to be re-ordered after a short time. But does the cheap hand cleaner actually do what it promises? We noticed these advantages and disadvantages:


+ Inexpensive to buy
+ Lasts a long time
+ Solvent
+ Grease, dirt and oil are removed


– Space consuming
– Can not be deposited on the sink
– A brush may be necessary

At first glance, you can see that the advantages of Teroson hand wash liquid outweigh. The cleaner is versatile, does not harm the hands, and is also biodegradable. It is also worth noting that there is no sand in the solution. There are no drainage blockages, as you might know from other cleaning sanitizers, with the Teroson product. Softwood flour is used to remove various dirt, oils, and fats, which protects the skin from sharp edges. Whether brake dust, grease, or other contaminants, the Teroson hand sanitizer cleans affected areas thoroughly and quickly. However, you may need to use a brush to help.

Teroson’s cleaner did well in the test. Your hands will look like new again within a short time. Although the product is so cheap, it does what the manufacturer advertises. Teroson cannot quite match the cleaning results of Liqui Moly hand cleaner. Nevertheless, it is a good investment, because it does what it should. It thoroughly frees the hands from contamination. If it had a particularly nourishing effect on the skin, everything would be fine.

The Caramba hand cleaner – practical and good

The hand cleaning sanitizer from Caramba can be classified in the middle price range. We opted for the Caramba sanitizer in a practical 500 ml can. The manufacturer promises an effective, simple, and quick cleaning of dirty hands. In addition, the hand cleaner is dermatologically tested, which also speaks for the product. The Caramba product has these advantages and disadvantages:


+ In a practical 500 ml can
+ Made in Germany
+ Dermatologically tested
+ Even heavy pollution (bitumen, ink) is not a problem


– price
– Getting used to the consistency
– Difficult to dose

The cleaning result with the detergent from Caramba is very good. Bitumen, lubricants, greases, inks, oils and more are thoroughly removed with the solution. The product is very kind to the skin, silicone-free, and biodegradable. Using cleaning liquid is a child’s play. The hands must first be slightly moistened. Then the hand cleaning is rubbed in with the hands and washed further with a little water. Once all the dirt has been removed, the hands are washed thoroughly and dried. Usually, no brush is necessary to get your hands back into the pores. However, there are problems with the right amount. You often take too many solutions. If the cleaner is used regularly, you will also get a feel for the right amount.

With this product, soiled hands quickly get back into the pores. Above all, it is very gentle on the skin. The higher price of the hand cleaner is justified.

The SANDEXON hand cleaner in a 10 Liter bucket – the affordable alternative

Do you often need a hand cleaning detergent? So the detergent in a 10 Liter bucket is right for you. There is no need to constantly buy more because the 10 liters are quite economical. Only a small amount is required for each wash to loosen the dirt. In terms of price, the product is hard to beat. We have now looked at the advantages and disadvantages of the SANDEXON hand washing detergent. Is it a good alternative to the expensive cleaning detergent?


+ Large container
+ No constant re-purchases
+ Sand free
+ Based on wood flour


– Take up some space
– To place it on the sink, the detergent must be filled in an extra can
– Handle heavily soiled items with a brush
– Only 90 percent biodegradable

Although the SANDEXON washing detergent is very cheap in large containers, it did well in the test. The usual soiling that occurs in the car industry could be solved very well with the hand cleaning detergent. Only a small amount of the solution needs to be rubbed with a little water in your hands. Once the dirt has been removed, it is rinsed with water and the hands are dried. In the case of heavy soiling, you can help with a brush. Since the product is based on wood flour, very gentle cleaning is guaranteed.

SANDEXON cleaning solution is a good alternative to the somewhat expensive hand cleaning liquid. However, it must also be borne in mind that the liquid is not completely biodegradable. Nevertheless, the hands can be cleaned gently and thoroughly with it. It should be clear that this inexpensive variant cannot keep up with a high-priced cleaning liquid, for example from Caramba or Liqui Moly.

Liquid hand wash cleaner from Liqui Moly – expensive but with great results

Liqui Moly is known as a manufacturer in the high price level. In terms of price, the hand cleaner is in the upper price range. We specifically opted for the liquid hand cleaner in order to be able to compare it with the granular cleaning paste. What makes the paste particularly good? And does it also have disadvantages?


+ Stubborn dirt is easily removed
+ With skin
+ Only contain environmentally neutral abrasives
+ No clogging of pipes possible


– cost factor
-protecting substances

With the liquid hand cleaner from Liqui Moly, almost any dirt can be easily removed. Stubborn dirt doesn’t even have to be tackled with a brush. In terms of application technology, the manufacturer’s liquid paste is convincing. It can be conveniently used with dispensers, which enables optimal dosing. Rub the cleaner into your dry hands. Add some water and continue rubbing. If the dirt has loosened, wash off the cleaner thoroughly with water. The Liqui Moly product contains skin protection substances that prevent skin irritation.

Anyone who attaches great importance to a high-quality hand cleaner with caring and gentle ingredients is well advised with the liquid cleaner from Liqui Moly. The cleaning paste is a higher cost factor, but in the end, it also pays off. The hands are cleaned deep into the pores and supplied with skin-friendly and nourishing substances.


Heavily soiled hands are quickly and thoroughly cleaned with the proper hand cleaner. Oily and greasy hands are the order of the day, especially in the field of car repairs. With a good hand cleaning detergent, the hands can be cleaned quickly and, above all, deep down.

The somewhat expensive cleaners are designed a little better in some respects. But above all, they are more caring for the hands. In the case of inexpensive variants, a brush often has to be used in order to be able to remove heavy soiling. If you only need the hand cleaner occasionally, you will certainly be satisfied with cheaper cleaners. In the end, the inexpensive versions also clean well. They’re just not that caring. However, with the regular use of the cleaner, we would prefer the more expensive Carmaba or Liqui Moly cleaners.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can try ultrasonic carburetor cleaner. This powerful machine can free your hands from dirty oily mechanics works, but still deliver awesome cleaning results for carbs, injectors, and many other engine parts.

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