How to Remove Algae from Pool Without a Vacuum

Remove Algae from Pool

Having a pool is usually one of the great pleasures in life since whenever you want, you can relax and enjoy a bath. However, you must make sure to keep it clean and in perfect condition to maintain hygiene and avoid possible illnesses, prompting you to learn how to remove algae from the pool without … Read more

How to Polish Jewelry Like a Professional Jeweler?

how to polish jewelry

When you buy new jewelry, you certainly want to wear and enjoy them as long as possible. However, if you wear them a lot and enjoy its sparkling charm so much, your valulabe jewelry also tend to get discolored and dirty soon. In this situation, you don’t worry too much. There are a number of … Read more

Top 10 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean will extend the life of your kitchen. Since meals are prepared regularly, it is hygienic to keep your kitchen clean. A kitchen is usually exposed to grease and moisture on a daily basis.  Therefore, it is wise to use a suitable cleaning agent to kill the bacteria. After cooking in a … Read more

Best Tips to Clean your Sneakers

how to clean sneakers

Sneakers have been in fashion for a while. Wearers can combine them with either a sporty outfit or a more casual-chic style. It is extremely popular footwear among youngsters. However, there is always a problem most the wearers are concerned about, cleaning and maintenance. How do you make sure your sneakers look as good as … Read more

How to Prevent Gold Plated Jewelry from Fading and Tarnishing

how to stop gold plated jewelry fading tarnishing

Real gold is valuable and very charming. Fine gold jewelry is a great piece of jewelry complement to enhance the wearers’ overall style on many occasions. However, the “real” gold is certainly an expensive piece and not the common ones that can be afforded by the majority. To satisfy the increasing demand for gold jewelry, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Clean and Care Jewelry Like a Professional

how to clean jewelry like a pro

The jewelry, as one piece of artwork, has been delighting people for thousands of years. These small fashion accessories are a great complement to our dressing style on many occasions. However, prolonged wearing and non-observance of measures to care for valuable jewelry leads to a plaque on them and getting darken slowly. Whether your pieces … Read more

Best Selling Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners on Amazon

ultrasonic jewelry cleaner review

The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, as one of the best jewelry cleaning machines, has a plethora of great benefits. It is perfect for the time and budget-conscious users. These portable cleaning machines keep you from having to visit the jeweler regularly for cleaning.  It is environmentally friendly as well. The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner doesn’t use harsh … Read more

Oil Bath Air Cleaner Maintenance

The Oil Bath Air Filter Cleaner Structure The oil bath air filter is divided into upper and lower shells (the shell has air inlet and outlet ports). The upper shell has a filter screen wrapped with wire and other parts. The lower shell is an oil pool, and there is an oil pool in the … Read more

How to Clean Zojirushi Water Boiler

how to clean zojirushi water boiler

Japan’s Zojirushi water boiler is one of the best selling water heating devices on the market. It gains popularity by homeowners due to the functional design and output water quality. When receiving water, you need to press the lock to release it, and then press the water, then the water will flow out. This design does … Read more

How to Clean Dining Kitchen Chair Cushions

how to clean dining chair cushions

When winter is coming close, you will feel a little bit cold while you are sitting in a wooden chair. Wooden chair cushions are definitely needed to warm up your body. There are many wooden chair cushions for home living, mainly including plush, weaving, cloth, etc. Do you know what types of dining chair cushions … Read more